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I'm in Bangkok! The most disorientating city in the world! // add jquery heading ^^!! //


Marmul via muscat 09/12/2013

An alright bar. Spent Six hours travelling today, and I've made it to marmul via muscat and nimr.

Qarn Alam Fho-toes

got some more stills..

A big rig, this is Drilling rig being moved to a new well site.
Communction tower to the heavens
Sunset in Qarn Alam.

qarn alam 07/12/2013

Camel Count: XI



Here's a few snapshots of my time in Germany & Belgium. The early starts and late finishs means theres a lot of sunrises and sunsets... Sunset in Düsseldorf, looks warm, but it was actully freezing. A nice bar in germany. Koln cathedral, my camera was straight, its the building that's leaning... The only picture I took in Belgium, It was a lot more impressive at the time i'm sure.

hello world!

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